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Tropical Storm Insurance for Homeowners

Tropical storms are common in the southeast, and have been known to strike as far north as Maine and inland as far as Illinois. In most places, the storm is limited to the status of any other severe storm, and a standard home insurance policy will cover most damages, but the occasional strong tropical storm has the potential to bring severe flooding with it, and that is an area where the average homeowners policy will leave you without any recourse. In most cases, a tropical storm is covered as just another windstorm phenomena under the standard homeowners policy, but there are instances where some or all of the effects of a tropical storm may be excluded, and the flooding that accompanies many such storms is never part of a standard package. Flood insurance is usually available only through high risk insurers, or through special pools that are managed by state agencies, such as the FAIR plan. in those cases, all companies which sell home insurance in the state are required to contribute to the plan, so that instead of one company taking extremely high losses when such an event happens, the costs are distributed evenly across all insurers, limiting the impact for individual companies and making access to the required coverage available to everyone, usually at a higher than normal cost. Check your policy carefully for exclusions other than flooding, such as lightning damage or hail damage. If your policy has such exclusions, contact your insurance company and ask about rider policies to fill in the gaps in your coverage, and if your company does not offer such coverage, shop around for a company that does. Other than flood coverage, you should be able to get the coverage you need from your insurance company without resorting to high policies, and if your company doesn't offer such provisions, it might be a good idea to compare quotes from other companies to find one that does. No matter where you live, you can get coverage for any disaster, and most tropical storm damage should be relatively easy to protect against.