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Is AIG a good insurance company?

1 Answer

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AIG and its subsidiaries form the largest conglomerate of insurance companies in the country and of the largest in the world. They are represented primarily through direct sales, although they are also represented through a subsidiary company, 21st Century Insurance. AIG has combined assets and premiums totaling more than 14 Billion dollars.

Financial Rating
AIG is the company that was declared to be "too big to fail" in 2008, prompting a string of government bailouts of insurance companies. Despite a government investment of over 80 billion dollars, the company maintains a superior financial rating, due in part to the global presence and multiple insurance lines offered by the company.

Customer Satisfaction
AIG has received mixed consumer reviews. While most of the respondents of the online survey reported unfavorably, it is worth noting that more than 60% of those taking part in the review have been loyal customers for 3 years or more. One can easily infer that customer loyalty is a better indication of the company's popularity, because it shows that customers keep coming back to AIG.

AIG Reviews Company Availability
AIG sells insurance in all 50 states, and has offices and subsidiaries located around the world. Very few insurance companies have the vast customer reach that AIG has, making them one of the most easily accessible companies in the world. AIG is primarily represented through online and other direct sales, but the insurance is also sold by insurance brokers and independent agents nationwide.

The Bottom Line
AIG is a huge conglomerate, and has been declared to be too large to be allowed to fail. While this may seem to be a daunting statement at first, it is important to understand that any company which is too big to be allowed to fail is a safe haven for purchasing insurance or investing money. After all, where better to put your money than in a company that you know is going to be around for many years to come?

answered Sep 26, 2011 by anonymous
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